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A Guest's Guide: Everything you need to know!

Community Norms

We know we have the best users, so we’ll keep this short and sweet. 

The goal of this community is to meet like-minded Wonderers, share insights, and provide new learnings through respectful, inclusive communication.

We have just a few guidelines:

  • Assume best intentions: be mindful of how you communicate and always seek to understand other people’s perspectives. We are not afraid of tough conversations and engage in those conversations from a perspective of openness, learning, and curiosity.

  • Be inclusive: we have more to learn from each other than from excluding each other. There will be zero tolerance for discriminatory or defamatory remarks of any kind.

  • Engage and support each other: This community is all about sharing ideas and meeting others to create better communities and gatherings together. Doesn’t hurt that you get points for engaging in the community ;)

High five,

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